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Big Tine Food Plots & Minerals

  • Big Tine - Buck Brunch

    Big Tine - Buck Brunch

      BIG TINE BUCK BRUNCH FALL / WINTER ANNUAL Buck Brunch takes away the issues many food plotters face of needing large equipment to plant a food plot. Buck Brunch’s no-till formula allows hunters to strategically place small private...

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  • Big Tine - Clover Select

    Big Tine - Clover Select

      CLOVER & CHICORY MIX PERENNIAL Clover Select is a premium perennial mix of high protein clovers found in Foundation Clover and drought hardy chicory. Clover Select will provide the critical year around nutrition to allow your deer to...

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  • Big Tine - Last Stand

    Big Tine - Last Stand

      BIG TINE LAST STAND FALL / WINTER ANNUAL Last Stand is a unique mix of forage kale, turnips and forage rape designed for late season hunting spots when the temps start to drop. When other food sources are running out, Last Stand will just...

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  • Big Tine - Lock Down Winter Peas

    Big Tine - Lock Down Winter Peas

      BIG TINE LOCK DOWN FALL / WINTER ANNUAL Lock-Down Winter Peas is a mix of three white flower varieties of peas and cereal grains designed for maximum attraction. Lock-Down Winter Peas mix jumps out of the ground to give you a leafy,...

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  • Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend

    Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend

    BIG TINE FORTIFIED DEER BLEND | 10 LBS WHOLE GRAIN SUPPLEMENTAL FEED • Whole Grain + Nitro• Infused with Big Tine’s Cherry Rush scent & flavor• Helps maximize antler growth• Aids in doe lactation during...

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  • Big TIne Foundation Clover

    Big TIne Foundation Clover

    Foundation Clover is a mix of five different varieties of clover designed to provide a year-around nutrient-dense high protein forage with maximum tonnage that’s highly palatable to deer. Foundation Clover will provide the essential protein and...

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  • Big Tine Nitro Mineral

    Big Tine Nitro Mineral

    BIG TINE NITRO GRANULAR MINERAL & VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT $19.99   MINERAL & VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT • Helps maximize antler growth• Aids in doe lactation during fawning• Designed to support deer health & immune...

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