Remember Your Why

Remember Your Why

Posted by Evan Trebilcock on May 18th 2020

Always Take Time to Remind Yourself:  Why?

I doubt you will get much out of me writing about the animals I have harvested, the fish I have caught, where I grew up, or who taught me about the outdoors. I am far from a Steve Rinella or Kevin VanDam. I am not even close to being in the top percentage of skilled outdoorsmen that I know personally, just your average Joe. However, this is not the Olympics and there is never truly a “best” player out there.

It's during times like this when we realize how lucky we are to have nature and all its beauty. Nature is a place to collect our thoughts and figure out how to get through something that we do not have any control over. It is a place where social distancing is always applicable even when it is not mandatory.

At home, we take control of our lives and steer them in a direction we feel is best. Out in the natural world, we control nothing. It is what it always has been and that is what makes us love it so much. You cannot put a price on it and you can try and change it, but you never will. So, we tap into something deeper within us, a connection to nature that forces us to learn every step of the way to try and understand it. To admire and conserve all that it is, so it always will be. To respect what it gives and takes from you and celebrate every time we get the opportunity to escape our daily lives to it. It is why we feel the need to share it with the ones we love and have an immediate bond with those who also participate in it. We do not just talk about it; we live by it, because it lives in us.

If you are lucky enough to call yourself an outdoorsman or an outdoorswoman, do not forget your “why” and wear it proudly. I want to thank Action Packer Outdoors for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something that means more than a big buck or bass on the wall, but a place for the average outdoors enthusiast to be just that. We strive to support the community around us, especially in a way that provides you with boundless opportunities.

APO provides products for just about every outdoor activity and I plan to cover a wide range of my favorites. If you have any specific topics you would like to hear about, please reach out and we will do our best to provide you with the tools necessary to succeed. Whatever you love to do in the great out of doors, start with Action Packer. 

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