Summer Bow Preparation

Summer Bow Preparation

Posted by Evan Trebilcock on Jul 2nd 2020

You will never be late if you start early....

Summer is upon us, which means we finally get to relax and enjoy the weather with family and friends, right? Well kind of. What summer really means to me as an avid outdoorsman is getting prepared for the upcoming hunting seasons and fishing of course. All summer I plan to touch on all the gear and equipment I am tuning up, buying, and testing out so by the time I am ready to hit the woods or water I feel confident and ready to roll.

One thing that is always on my mind: Bow hunting. There is nothing worse that waking up two weeks before bow season and realizing you have not even taken your bow out of its case. Honestly, there is no excuse for it either if you ask me. Once you have all the right equipment it only takes a place to shoot and 20 minutes to get a good practice round in and I have never had a bad time shooting my bow.

Check your equipment:

Take all your archery equipment and lay it out. Usually mine is a mess because I tossed everything in there after bow season to duck or rifle hunt. So, do yourself a favor and organize everything right now including arrows, release, tips, quiver, etc. Give them a good look over and be honest with yourself, if your string is on its last legs…. Please go to a bow shop and get a new one now. To be honest, it would not be a bad idea to have a bow shop tune your bow up for you either way just to make sure everything is working smoothly. Take some inventory and make notes of what you need some more of, what you did not like last year and want to replace.


If your bow is where you want it great, but almost every year or two I am in the market for arrows (mainly due to shooting practice… I do not harvest that many deer). Now this is a personal choice, but I prefer to go with an arrow that is good for both eastern whitetails and going out west for big game. I lose some speed, but I gain penetration, which is okay with me. But if you are a speed freak then do a little research and find the arrows you need for maximum speed for your set up. APO has a wide range of arrows to choose from at a very good price, but please understand what the arrow spine means and choose according to your bow set up. The slower your bow shoots, the more flexible spine, most manufacturers have a chart that shows you what works for your bow.

Field Tips/Broad Heads:

Field tips are a bit easier, and cheaper. You can find all different packs of practice tips. But make sure you are getting the right ones for your arrows. Also, because they are cheap, I suggest getting 100g and 125g especially if you have any desire to shoot a heavier broadhead for more penetration. Now we move on to the age-old debate: fixedmechanical, or hybrid? I will come out and say I have used a few different types and I prefer fixed broadheads. To be honest if you are buying a broadhead that has a good reputation and is SHARP you cannot go wrong. Just make sure you practice with them every once and a while, so you feel confident in that arrow hitting the spot.

Sights and Rests:

I believe in a good all around set up. If you are going to put a lot of money into a bow, do yourself a favor and update your bow every once and a while until it is perfect for you. It is hard enough getting a shot at a deer. Let alone missing it because your sight has electrical tape on it to keep the pins in place. If you are still new to archery hunting I suggest a containment rest, but if you have had some experience I think a drop away is where you need to head next. As for a sights, I think you should always be curious about upgrading the very tool you use to hone in on your target. Besides the bow itself, a good sight can make decent shooters into lethal hunters with a bow in their hand. I use a fixed three pin sight but as my range increases, I am looking to upgrade to an adjustable sight. 


Whether you shoot a trigger release, back tension release, etc. I would put a little research into a new one if yours is a bit old. You want a clean crisp release every time, and if you shoot enough those releases just take a lot of abuse. I know I have my release on from the time I step out of the truck to the moment I am back in it. Another reason to upgrade is that new technology could increase your shooting accuracy tenfold.


I will always suggest getting a target that you can shoot with broadheads. You will never know how your arrow flies with your broadheads on them until you practice with them on. This can sometimes make you realize that maybe that style of broadhead is not like the commercials and does not actually “fly like a field tip.” If you can afford it and have a place to keep it, go for a 3D target. Practice like it is the real thing and when you are shooting at a fake deer it is the next best thing to a real one. APO has a wide range of targets that mimic real deer to zombies if you want to practice for the walking dead.

I know the anticipation of bow season always gets me excited once I realize the fall is only a few short months away. Do not let it sneak up on you this year. There is no greater feeling than knowing you will be ready for whatever walks into your bow range this year and there is nothing worse than missing that deer of lifetime. If you have any questions about products, please reach out to Action Packer Outdoors at any time. You will always get an honest answer from real hunters.