What comes with being on the APO ProStaff?


Being a member of the APO ProStaff means that you are a part of a brotherhood that consists of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who have a desire to use quality outdoor products and promote a local outdoor brand. Visit the partners page on our website to view a current list of our partners.

Future Possibilities 

Your future in the outdoor industry is endless and APO wants to help take you there.  As a staff member of APO you will have the opportunity to attend outdoor expos and events as a vendor representative.  As a representative you will have stronger interactions with other outdoor industry personnel, which will result in lasting relationships.  Attendance at expos and events is not required; however, is highly recommended and appreciated.


APO is an up and coming brand name, as part of the ProStaff you will be responsible for promoting our brand. Representing the APO brand with integrity will increase your likelihood of being approached by other brands to be a member on their staff. APO highly encourages our staff members to staff with as many companies as possible. All we ask is that you continue to promote APO.

What’s expected of YOU as a ProStaff member?

Initial Purchase

Each ProStaff Member will be required to purchase a $50 Prostaff Package. This package must be purchased yearly based on the original join date.

ProStaff Packages

For each yearly entry into the APO ProStaff Program you will receive a ProStaff Package. Exact items in the package are subject to change based on availability but will include an APO ProStaff T-Shirt at a minimum. Other items may include an APO hoodie, APO stainless steel tumbler, APO decals and other assorted APO brand materials. All items in the package will combine to equal the retail cost of the package ($50).


Upon acceptance into the ProStaff Program, staff members will receive the following:

1) A discount code for 15% off all future purchases

2) A 10% referral code that can be shared for friends and family to uses

3) A store credit at 3% of all referral sales


As a member of the APO Prostaff you agree to the following responsibilities:

1) Add Action Packer Outdoors as a position on your Facebook Account

2) Use @teamaponc and #teamaponc in your Instagram Bio

3) Contribute to the ProStaff Group Facebook Group

4) Share at least 4 Facebook posts per month

5) Share posts as requested in the ProStaff Facebook Group

6) Contribute at least 2 Facebook and Instagram posts per month

7) Provide a written product review on Facebook and the Website after every purchase

All Facebook posts are to be shared to the Action Packer Outdoors Public Group so that It can be shared to the main Action Packer Outdoors page.

You will incorporate the APO logo and brief description as a sponsor/partner onto your organization’s primary media forms (websites and social media platforms.)

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless APO and its employees and affiliates of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs, arising out of or relating to this agreement and my relationship with APO.

Behavioral Standards

Limit profanity. No profanity is allowed online or on any media that may be viewed/listened to by the general public.

Be respectful of the viewing public, outdoors, and the animals you pursue. Videos depicting cleaning of games shall contain a warning at the start of the video explaining what will occur.

No drugs in photos or any online material.

Refrain from becoming involved in arguments or action that may be taken as hostile while representing APO. This includes but is not limited to forums, trade shows, and hunting/fishing competitions and tournaments.

Photo Rules

Present all animals in a decent and honorable fashion.

Remove as much blood from the animal as possible.

Hide animals that are in poor condition. And limits photos of entry and exit wounds.

When possible hold the heads up on animals and display the full broad side or back side of the animal.

Respect property owners' rights and hunting/fishing locations by limiting property and location identifiers.

Product logos should be showing if worn.

Video Rules

Please refrain from the following:

Shooting from a vehicle.

Failing to clearly identify a target and anything beyond the target.

Poor shot placement resulting from a wounded animal.

Improper baiting of game.

Hunting/fishing on property without permission.

Showing animals falling or rolling down slopes or falling through tree branches.

Showing wounded or struggling animals unless presented as educational.

Reasons For Termination

Please refrain from the following:

Shooting from a vehicle.

Violation of any of the conditions listed herein

All members are expected to meet the social media requirements listed herein.

(Considerations will be made when provided advanced notice)

Action Packer Outdoors reserves the right to terminate ProStaff members in the event that said members actions reflect the APO brand in a negative way.

Probationary Period

All applicants will be placed on a 3-month probationary period.

Action Packer Outdoors reserves the right to amend the probationary periods through early termination or extension. Members may be released during the probationary period at any time with no refunds of purchases. Prior to the terminations of a ProStaff member consultation with the member themselves and other members will be completed.


All activities must be conducted in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the prevailing jurisdiction. Citations or convictions for violations of prevailing fish and wildlife laws or obvious depiction of activities found to be in violation of such laws might be construed as grounds for immediate termination.

At all times during this agreement, ProStaff members are an independent person and are not an employee or agent of Action Packer Outdoors.

Please submit your initial interest and contact information below.  We will be in contact with you and provide you with the formal application.