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Shooting Rests, Bipods and Sticks

  • Allen Accutrak Shooting Rest

    Allen Accutrak Shooting Rest

    The Accutrack Shooting Rest is built on a solid 1.5” diameter metal frame with a soft molded gun rest to protect and grip the barrel, along with a rubber rear support for the stock. This rest also features elevation adjustment screws for micro...

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  • Allen Filled Front/rear Rest Combo

    Allen Filled Front/rear Rest Combo

    The Filled Front & Rear Shooter’s Rest from Allen features sticky textured, reinforced synthetic gun rest surfaces.  The front and rear rests clip together, and the rests are filled with an inert poly material.Features:Sticky textured, reinforced...

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  • Allen Rangemaster Shooting Rest

    Allen Rangemaster Shooting Rest

    The Rangemaster Shooting rest is built on a vice clamp system with rubber coated rests for the fore end and buttstock. The rest is equipped with rubber feet to prevent any slippage and has height adjustability.Features:Vice Clamp SystemAdjustable...

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  • Allen Triax Shooting Rest Forend

    Allen Triax Shooting Rest Forend

    The Triax Forend Shooting Rest offers a soft molded gun rest that grips and protects the barrel with a durable polymer tripod base. The over molded support head has an elevation adjustment screw that allows for micro adjustability partnered with an...

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  • Birchwood Casey Nest Rest 2 Pc.

    Birchwood Casey Nest Rest 2 Pc.

    The Nest Rest is a compact and portable 2-piece shooting rest that nest (lock) together for easy storage/transport with a non-slip base.Features:Compact, portable shooting restNest (lock) together for easy storage/transportNon-slip baseHolds firearms...

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  • Bog Chairpod

    Bog Chairpod

    The ChairPod eliminates the need to take a chair and shooting rest separately with you to the field or range and combines the two with a heavy duty chair with swing arm assembly to support your weapon.Features:BlackAluminum22 lbs.Adjustable elevation

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  • Bog Deathgrip Ultralite

    Bog Deathgrip Ultralite

    The DeathGrip UltraLite mounts to any Arca-Swiss Tripod head with the included adapter. The Arca-Swiss adapter can be removed exposing 1/4"-20 or 3/8" 16 threaded holes for mounting your own Tripod Head plate.Features:Magnesium constructionFits sporter...

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  • Bog Fieldpod Magnum

    Bog Fieldpod Magnum

    Low-Profile E-Max hearing protection combines great circuitry with a low profile earcup that's ideal for shotgun shooters and action shooters. Amplifies sounds below 85 decibels, which amplifies normal communication, range commands, and environmental...

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  • Bog Great Divide Tripod Head

    Bog Great Divide Tripod Head

    The BOG Divide Tripod has high strength carbon fiber legs that are stand and accurate for any shooting position from sitting to standing. It's retractable steel feet give ultimate traction in rugged terrain.Features:Lightweight Carbon Fiber3-position leg...

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